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I'm a software developer that loves building products and web applications that impact millions of lives. Currently working on Youtube Videos ✈️


For any sort help / enquiry, shoot a mail.

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I'm looking for a job currently, If you see me as a good fit, check my CV and I'd love to work for you.

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I've been developing frontend web application since I was 15 years old. I didn't know what frontend meant at that time because the term was not coined back then.

After learning HTML and struggling with CSS and Javascript, I came up with a brilliant idea of using bootstrap so that I don't have to style everything by myself and - for obvious reasons - if you knew bootstrap, you were cool.

I've been coding in React, Node.js, Express, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Bootstrap, Tailwind and C# programming language. Although I barely know the syntax (Psst, Stack overflow!), I consider myself a Ninja developer. (LOL)

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